Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Survivalcraft IPA [iPhone/iPad Download]

You're stranded on the shores of an infinite blocky world. Explore, mine resources, art tools and weapons, search and make traps. Develop a shelter to survive days and discuss your worlds on line. Trip horses or camels and herd cattle. Blast the right path through the stone with explosives. Create complex electrical units. Possibilities are unlimited in this sandbox emergency and design game. This is actually the twenty second launch of Survivalcraft, and it gives horseriding! A great number of new animals have now been presented, such as for instance sharks, rays, piranhas or camels, and their AI is much increased. There are new electric blocks which will make building electric devices easier. You can also get cattle between pastures using only a whistle and a saddled horse. There are many different hues of horses roaming the lands. This took over two months to build, and is the largest upgrade yet, dwarfing even 1.19. Enjoy! Changes history: - 1.0 (preliminary release, 16 Nov 2011) - 1.1 (screenshots, torches, lamps, instruments, controls sensitivity, recipaedia) - 1.2 (coming, steps, pieces, doors, ladders, snow, snow, christmas pine) - 1.3 (basalt, limestone, marble, furnace) - 1.4 (" new world " format, clay, stones) - 1.5 (birds, tools, tossing, food, eating) - 1.6 (emergency bugfix launch) - 1.7 (trapdoors, water animations, snowballs, traps, wildboars, game modes) - 1.8 (containers, water science, magma, world homes, view sides) - 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairs and pieces) - 1.10 (optimizations, bulls, symptoms, sulphur, saltpeter, experience style) - 1.11 (explosives, fire, suits, magma as substance) - 1.12 (puppies, cows, milk, diamonds, flat ground, adjustments improvements) - 1.13 (monster spawners, eggs, saplings, compass, thermometer, lawn spreading) - 1.14 (disaster bugfix release, hygrometer, clearer text) - 1.15 (major performance developments, bears, machetes, venture restart, cacti) - 1.16 (easier framerate, polar bears, color, dropping blocks, setting modes) - 1.17 (third person view, 3d instruments, monster shadows, science optimizations) - 1.18 (water, snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing, werewolves, pumpkins) - 1.19 (electricity, new UI, new recipaedia, new aid, germanium + lots more) - 1.20 (group information, greater caves, innovative choices, SD card) - 1.21 (fish, horseriding, electricity developments, camels, leather + substantially more) Survivalcraft IPA [iPhone/iPad Download] Version: [Please Survey Broken Links] >> Visit iPadOS Featured Pages

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